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Rock Maze

Caraid Anam

/codadge annum/   |  soul friend

The practice of spiritual companionship, or spiritual direction, is a centuries-old contemplative practice. At times of spiritual growth or challenge, it was common to seek out someone who could be present and accompany the journey. This caraid anam would be familiar with the terrain of the spiritual life, but aware of the uniqueness of each individual journey. 

Spiritual Direction

Contemplative Practice

At the heart of Spiritual Direction is contemplation. There are many ways to explore contemplative practice - the roots are communion & connection and awareness.* In Spiritual Direction we meet together to connect with one another and with the Divine, to pause and bring awareness to what is happening under the noise of our mind - this is deep listening. The same roots feed into other contemplative practices that are still, generative, creative, active, relational, somatic, or ritualistic. 

* CMind. (2021). The Tree of Contemplative Practices (illustration). The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society 



Silence, Solitude, Stillness, Centering Prayer, Quieting the Mind, Meditation

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